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Option to automate allocation of batch to account

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Option to automate allocation of batch to account

Most organisations use batches to group accounts together logically for bill runs. It would be useful to have an option to automate the allocation of a batch to a particular account when various objects on the account get added/removed/updated.

We need a way (like a rules engine) to automate which Batch an Account goes into when:
  1. It is created manually in the User Interface
  2. It is created through API
  3. It is created through Z4SF
  4. Details on the Account change
  5. Details of subscriptions on the Account change
  6. Details of charges on a subscription on the Account changes

Data attributes we need to track/evaluate in order to ascertain what Batch an Account goes into:
  1. Account Billing Entity
  2. Account Currency
  3. Subscription Term Type (e.g. Evergreen or Termed)
  4. Subscription Status (e.g. Active or Cancelled)
  5. Subscription Charge Types (Advance or In Arrears)