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On Hold Status for Account

It would be great to be able to flag a customer account as on hold due to payment deliquency.  Have the account change color or some type of very clear identifier.  Then be able to run reports off of that flag.

Support SME
Support SME

It sounds like that you are requesting a trigger. If a customer account has some payment deliquency, then this customer account would be flagged with color...

Actually, I do not believe that this is easy to achieve. How can we measure payment deliquency? How can we define payment deliquency?

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Status changed to: Coming Soon



We are soon going to be introducing Subscription suspend and resume. So you could suspend a delinquent account. Then, you could set a custom field to indicate their delinquency status and report off that. I would be interested as to whether this approach will meet your needs. Thanks.





What we have done in our company is created a seperate batch that is considered the "Suspend" batch (we use batch 4). Anytime we have a customer account that is placed in suspense, we move them into Batch 4 to keep them from billing. If the customer pays and we can move them out of suspense, then a case is created requesting them to be moved from suspense and removed from Batch 4 into a regular billing batch. 


I do agree with you, it would be nice if there was a flag or color change or something within the customer account that would also indicate this customer is suspended. 

Good Luck!