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No invoices to be genrated for 0 qty usage

Feature Request: No invoices to be genrated for 0 qty usage

Reference Number: DE7853

Business Need:

Customers want invoices to be generated with $0 amounts as long as they have usage quantity on them for that month. However if the customer's usage for the month is 0, they do not want an invoice generated. So the customer will not get invoices for 0 usage amount.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

 Is there an update when this feature will be developed?


We would love to know when this is planned for, as well.  This will be a great new feature!

This would be a great feature to have, when is it being planned for?

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Is there an ETA for the release?

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Is there an update on when this feature will be available?


Can we get an update when this feature can be available? The lack of this feature has the effect of generating 2 zero invoices per customer every month in our case so we need to decide how to proceed as it's causing too much irrelevant information, both in Zuora and in Salesforce. If this feature is likely to be available soon it has impact on our decision. Please give a response.


Thanks, Niclas

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Is there an update on release date for this?


We would like this very much as well. Any updates on the status would be great.

We would perfer this to be implemented at the invoice item level,  which would be the same net result for a customer with no usages for the month.  In other words if a subscription is usage based and no usage was loaded for the month, no invoice item would be generated.