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Re: No invoices to be genrated for 0 qty usage

No invoices to be genrated for 0 qty usage

Feature Request: No invoices to be genrated for 0 qty usage

Reference Number: DE7853

Business Need:

Customers want invoices to be generated with $0 amounts as long as they have usage quantity on them for that month. However if the customer's usage for the month is 0, they do not want an invoice generated. So the customer will not get invoices for 0 usage amount.


This does sound great for some of my customers.

But, I hope this feature would be optional, because there are cases I use Usage with a first tier starting at quantity 0 (for flat fee price x): then I do want this to be charged, even if no usage is uploaded!


Is there any news on the availability of this?

Zuora Staff

Yes we would like to see this feature as well.

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When will this feature arrive? 

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I point out that this is already implemented Idea.

I understand that the function described in the Post below is an implementation of this Idea:

What is the function of the feature "Do not process usage charges without usage records"


I notice that a similar Idea is below:

Suppressing Posting $0 Invoices with Usage

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hi thanks for the info! this should be implemented for all other product types : if the total amount without tax is 0, the invoice should not be generated, but the subscribtion should still be updated with the right values.


@yamasaki1ma As I understand it there is a slight nuance to the functionality. 'Do not process usage charges without usage records' will work only if your system has no records of usage. However, some systems are configured to export periodic values even if those values are 0. So if you have a customer that has daily usage of 0 and those sum up to 0, the system will still generate a $0 invoice for the usage charges. Whereas if you did not create any usage records, then the existing functionality works.


The request here is that if the usage is rated to 0 usage to supress the generation of the invoice.

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Do we have an ETA for this?

One of our use cases is that we are having ' Do not process usage without any records' enabled on an entity and if there are no usage transactions imported for a certain charge, that charge doesn't appear on the invoice, which is great. The problem is that if you are having usage transactions on the next bill run on the charges which weren't included in a previous bill run, you will see 0 lines on the new invoice, for the previous billing period.



Zuora Staff
Yes I have the same use case as Madalina. If we did not bill usage say for a year or two year we get a long list of zeros for all those period with no usage record from the last invoice with usage.