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Re: New Processing Rule Option of Bill Run - offset positive and negative invoices - Status changed to: Unlikely

New Processing Rule Option of Bill Run - offset positive and negative invoices

Bill Run will pick up both, so eventually invoice amount will be 0 amounts. Unless applying Invoice Item Adjustment, 2 line items will be remaining forever with 0 amounts.



In case of cancelling with backdated cancellation date (bill in advance), it is required to refund the amount already paid by end users. If I do cancellation, subscriptions will be cancelled. And next Bill Run calculates amounts that needs to be refunded (amounts of over payment), then creates negative amount invoices.

Refund function can refund the amount by specifying invoices that are already paid. In case of this, specified invoice will be treated as “not paid”


Therefore, there will be 2 invoices. One invoices ( with positive amount) that is created by refund. And another invoice (with negative amount) that is created by bill run after cancellations.


As for the operational point of view, both positive and negative amount of invoices are not needed. At the same time, account balance will be 0 amounts. However, both invoices will be remaining of you do not do anything.

Meaning, it needs to set both invoices 0 amounts by Invoice Item Adjustment functions.


It would be useful for the bill run to include all invoices in the bill run postive and negative (as long as they are due).


I would suggest that payments are only collected when the overdue invoices (positive and negative) have a positive balance overal and are exclude otherwise until the balance becomes positive overal.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Unlikely

When we release the Advanced AR Settlement features (Unapplied Payments, Credit/debit memos, invoice item settlement), the bill run will no longer produce negative invoices, so this problem should go away. Thanks!

Zuora Alumni

I would like to suggest a few additional ideas for configuration options on a bill run. 


  • Tax Engines currently require posting the bill run. It limits what we can do in terms of post processing with Tax Items. For now we have to turn off the automatic emails.
  • Ability to schedule Bill Run for EOM.
  • Ability to lookup and apply dynamic discounts prior to posting.