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New Charge Type: One-Time Charges / Period

New Charge Type: One-Time Charges / Period

Zuora does not currently support One-Time Charges / Period charge types in terms of Invoice Service Periods and Revenue Recognition. 
See related pain point for Service Period issue:

With the existing One-Time Charge type, the Revenue Recognition Rule does not work with 'Recognize Revenue Daily Over Time.' because the Invoice Item's Service Start and End Dates are the same, so ALL revenue is recognized in the same Accounting Period. 

There are several Products that are one-time charges across a specified period. For example, if I prepay a one-time charge of $50 on 4/16 to use a Service between 4/15 - 5/14, there should be $25 of revenue recognized in April and $25 of revenue deferred to be recognized in May.

Note that to work around this, you can configure the Zuora Product Rate Plan to be a Recurring Charge / Period and limit the Subscription Term to 1 Month. However, this leads to charges on customers' bank statements showing up as "recurring" or "repeating," which is a bad customer experience.

I think there should be a new charge type for One-Time Charge / Period.