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Re: Negative Usage Import Support

Negative Usage Import Support

It was confirmed by a Zuora Support rep that the product does not currently support negative usage.  This is a real use case for us.  We currently import usage on a daily basis.  In some cases, one-off adjustments need to be made for usage already submitted to Zuora.  Because Zuora does not support the import of negative usage, the total counts are inflated and require manual intervention on the individual usage entries or on invoices.  No alternative solution or best practice alternatives was offered by Zuora.  It has been considered to send a single usage stat every month before a customer's billing date but this causes challenges with timing.


I am working with  customer now who just raised the same issue.    They sell leads and bill these as usage, but returns are common if the lead quality is bad or leads provided do not meet specification.   The customer intends to have usage load automatically from their platform daily and it will be billed monthly in aggregate.

Did you find any work around for this markq?


Our unfortunate workaround is to create two types of usage for the relevant usage charges- one has a positive dollar value and the other negative.  It sucks but it's the best we've come up with.  Support for this would be very, very valuable to us.