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Multiple Entities/Billing Batchs/Posting Payments

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Multiple Entities/Billing Batchs/Posting Payments

We have mutiple entities and use billing batch numbers.  The billing batch number only appears on the 1st page of the customer account and not on the "Process a Payment" page.  This would be very helpful to have a billing batch field on the Process a Payment page so it is easily visible when posting a payment.  If I am posting payments for Hobsons vs. Naviance, I could easily check to see that it says Batch1 and it if does not then that tells me I need to change the accounting code to "Intercompany" instead of "Hobsons BOA".  If I'm posting for Naviance, I could easily check to see if the Batch says Batch4 and it it doesn't then I need to change the accounting code to "Intercompany" instead of "Naviance".  We used to have 2 different instances of Zuora, for the separate entities, so it would not allow us to post "cross-entity" and now that we only have 1 instance, this is causing some issues and taking more time.

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We are actually introducing multi-entity support within a single Zuora tenant later this year. Since you used to organize these multi-entity efforts under two Zuora tenants, perhaps this project will be a good fit for this use case. In any event, we may consider this proposed enhancement for a future release. Thanks.