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Moneris Refund API

Moneris Refund API

From Olivier Rozon (Videotron) 11/08/2016 - Proposition to Zuora for automated refund using Monéris payment gateway

Zuora fully supports this Refund API in its integration with Moneris, both for partial and full refunds. The callout in the description that Moneris, "will require the order_id and txnnumber from the original purchase" is what is causing us to have the additional steps.  

When we create the mid-period cancel a new invoice with a pro-rated negative balance is created for the period we are crediting the customer. The customer's last payment is not associated with this invoice, it is associated with the payment that was made on the invoice from the beginning of their service period. That is the payment which we must reference in order to refund the customer for the negative balance invoice that was generated when they cancelled.  The steps outlined in the MidTermCancelFlow document is the process for doing this through the API, or as described in the blueprint for doing this manually.  

With a handful of payment gateways an original order_id or txnnumber is not required in order to refund money back to an electronic payment method. A list of those gateways can be found here in the Zuora Knowledge Center. This process is called a "Non-Referenced Refund". I should point out that even with one of these gateways, it would still require approximately four API calls to Zuora or multiple steps/screens in the Zuora UI to complete the transaction. There is not an automic cancel/refund call in the Zuora API. 

My suggestion is that a representative from Videotron post an entry to Zuora's Ideas Community


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