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Map Salesforce Quote Owner to Invoice tempalte

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Map Salesforce Quote Owner to Invoice tempalte

Currently, no mapping field for Salesforce Quote owner is available that can be added to the invoice templates in Zuora. Current workaround is to create a custom quote owner field in salesforce and then map this custom field to salesforce Quote owner  and also map to the invoice template.

For future , need to map quote owner from salesforce directly to invoice template without having to create a custom quote owner field.


@adas when you say the quote owner do you mean the SFDC user that created/owns the quote (i.e. the sales rep).


Also wanted to confirm if you are talking about quote templates vs invoice templates. Providing information on invoice templates requires the data to be inside Zuora (since it cannot reachout in realtime to Salesforce). If you were to map the Owner data into Zuora the next question would be what fields. A user has name, email, phone, etc all which would require their own fields.

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We'll consider this for a future enhancement. It's a bit trickier than it sounds because an invoice can include multiple subscriptions. A subscription can have multiple quotes associated with it as amendments to the subscription occur over time. The question is which SFDC quote would you want to display in this case? What if multiple subscriptions in the invoice have different quotes? It would be interesting to hear more about your use case. Thanks.