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Manual triggering of the gateway reconciliation report between Zuora and GoCardless in Sandbox

We have been doing a lot of work on payment failures recently and have found a big restriction with how the sandbox environment is configured to run the reconciliation report between GoCardless and Zuora once a day (14:30 BST). We think it would be beneficial to be able to trigger this job manually (in Sandbox environments only).


In the test environment the magic values automatically set the data at the correct failed state with immediate effect, so from our point of view executing the reconciliation manually would allows us to retrieve these updates as and when required (rather than being tied to a specific time). It would be a massive help to our test and development process if we could do this, currently if we find a defect or if the test data hasn't been set up quite correctly, we have to wait another 24 hours to run the test again. I'm sure other customers would also find this beneficial?
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Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a good suggestion, I'll add it to the backlog




please when it will be implemented?