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Re: Making custom fields on subscription object available in the InvoiceItem table

Making custom fields on subscription object available in the InvoiceItem table

Issue: Custom fields on the Subscription object are not available in the invoiceItem table on the invoice template. As a result, two tables are needed to display the product information, were customer X wants only one table.

The default subscription objects is already supported in InvoiceItem table, maybe a little tweaking so that it can also accommodate the custom field for subscription object. DE7703 is the tracking # for this enhancement and currently being review by our Product Management. 

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Status changed to: Coming Soon
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Hi, What is the status of this feature? Thanks

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Several Customers need to access to thoses details into Invoice Item ?

How soon this change is coming ? 


"Coming Soon" for 2 years?  I think you may want to change the status to something more accurate.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We've had this requirement in the backlog for a while and have had to focus resources on other priorities. I still expect to be able to address this, but have changed the status for now to reflect that it may take a little while yet. Thanks for your continued patience. 


Hi Nick,

we are launching a new product and due to the fact that there is only one Invoice template that can be attached to an Account, the possibility to add IF statements to the invoice template using Subscription custom fields is crucial.

For now it's a blocker for our product development team, please let us know if the prio of the feature development can be changed.