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Level 3 Processing for Cybersource

Level 3 Processing for Cybersource

We would be able to save lots of money on our interchange processing rates if we were able to send Level 3 data to our gateway Cybersource.  I see that Zuora only currently has an ability to do this on Chase.  Can you please provide an ability to do this with Cybersource?

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Yes this is on our radar and is currently in our backlog. We'll update this community idea when we have firmer timing on the release date.


Totally Agree, looking forward to being able to pass Level2 and 3 information to the payment gateway to drop the interchange fee.




Ariel Wu

New Student

Zuora Team, Please expedite this request. We could be saving tens of thousands every month. Other vendors provide this out of box.



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I would agree with this request and ask it to extended to Litle/Vantiv. If Zuora supported sending enhanced data for litle transactions we would save on processing fees as well as have increased auths on sales.