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Issue Renewal Invoice in Advance w/o Renewal Amendment Required



For larger (non Self Service) customers, we issue invoices 30 days in advance of their set renewal date to assure they have adequate time to pay prior to that Term Start. In order to issue these invoices in advance, we need to perform a manual future dates bill run that adds a Renewal amendment to each of the relevant subscriptions. 


We run into an issue when we are doing any price lift upon renewal. This action lock that Subscription so any change during that 30 day period requires manual work arounds and duplicate Subscriptions to bill for anything purchased during that time. 


My ask - is there a way that we can issue a renewal invoice (with that higher price) without completely locking the Subscription? I know there are other billing platforms that have an 'Advanced Invoice' capability where an invoice can be issues for a future renewal but the actual renewal is recognized upon the actual Term Start Date and not the date the invoice is issued. Thank you.