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Re: Invoices in multiple languages (Multiple Invoice Templates) - Status changed to: Implemented

Invoices in multiple languages (Multiple Invoice Templates)

We have a requirement to generate Invoices based on the user's preferred language. Zuora team is currently helping us with a custom solution. From SFDC when we create an account in Zuora, we set the Default Template Id based on the language, we are maintaining the language - template association in SFDC. It would be helpful if language is added to Account / Contact Objects and the Invoices are generated based on the language automatically. Thanks

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Also just noticed that InvoiceTemplate is an object in the managed package in SFDC, but this object is not found in Zuora so we can customize this object to bulid language-Invoice template association.

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Status changed to: Implemented



We have recently released a new capability that enables internationalized invoices. It is currently under Limited Availability. If you contact Zuora support and request access, we can evaluate your use cases to ensure they are a good fit with this feature. Thanks.



Zuora Support
Zuora Support

If you operate a global business with customers in multiple languages, you can dynamically generate invoice PDFs in your customers' preferred languages using one invoice template.

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