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Invoice templates - ability to display total discount amount on each invoice item

Currently, the InvoiceItem table on the invoice template cannot display the name of the related charge that a discount charge has been applied to, so it can be confusing when trying to understand which discount line item is related to which charge line item. It would be great if the invoice template could show the total discount amount for each invoice item (similar to how it shows the total tax related to each invoice item in InvoiceItem.TaxAmount). That would match how the Zuora UI displays discounts - see below.



Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good idea. I'll look into it. Thanks.


I agree with this idea! And I will request more.
Please let us be able to display not only Discount but also GrossAmount in the invoice template.


According to the Knowledge Center article ...


There are five Merge Fields abount monetary value on Invoice:

  • Invoice.AmountWithoutTax
  • Invoice.Discount
  • Invoice.GrossAmount
  • Invoice.Tax
  • Invoice.Total

On the other hand, there are three Merge Fields abount monetary value on InvoiceItem:

  • InvoiceItem.AmountWithoutTax
  • InvoiceItem.ExtendedPrice
  • InvoiceItem.TaxAmount

This idea wants to display "Discount". Besides that, I also want to display "GrossAmount".
That is, at the level of InvoiceItem, I want to be able to display not only the amount of Discount but also the amount before Discount is applied.