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Invoice templates - ability to display additional custom fields in InvoiceItem table

Currently, the InvoiceItem table on the invoice template cannot display any custom fields from the Rate Plan or Rate Plan Charge objects (without grouping on them), and can only display the following fields from the Product Catalog:


InvoiceItem.ProductDescription, InvoiceItem.ProductName, InvoiceItem.RatePlanDescription, InvoiceItem.RatePlanName


It would be great if the invoice template could display and group on custom fields from the Product, ProductRatePlan, ProductRatePlanCharge, RatePlan, or RatePlanCharge objects in the InvoiceItem table. Customers often store attributes such as product family, device names, service classes, etc in custom fields on those objects, and usually want to print those values on the invoice.

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Good idea. I put this in the backlog; we may be able to get this into an upcoming release. Thanks.

Zuora Staff

@nharlow - this could also be accomplished through custom field inheritance from catalog objects to invoice objects (ie ProductRatePlanCharge.CF__c --> RatePlanCharge.CF__c --> InvoiceItem.CF__c). From there, we could use existing invoice template functionality to display/ group those fields. I believe this is also on Keenan's backlog.

Zuora Alumni

Hi Zuora, any updates on this? Thanks!