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Re: Invoice number to appear on receipts - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Invoice number to appear on receipts

Receipts for customers need to include more information, such as the invoice number(s) the payments were applied to and the method of payment used. Even a PDF copy for the customer would be benenficial too, similar to the PDF copies of invoices that are included in the invoice emails. 

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

This is a good idea. Are there any additional things you would potentially like to see on the receipt? It would be helpful to try to include all of these enhancements at once.

Advanced Tutor

I think the standard things that customers look for on receipts are: the invoice number the payment was applied to (or multiple invoice numbers), if the payment short-paid an invoice, how much is left outstanding on that invoice (which would be self explanatory if it listed the original invoice amount and the payment amount), date of the invoice the payment was applied to, payment method (whether it was cheque or credit card), and if there could be a PDF version attached to the receipt email that would be great, too. I've had a few customers ask for print-friendly copies of the receipt before. 

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Is there any progress on this idea? We are looking to have the invoice number on the payment receipt. Its still not an option in the merge fields....