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Re: Invoice Template: Support CreditCardNumberMasked in Transaction table - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Invoice Template: Support CreditCardNumberMasked in Transaction table

On the invoice transaction summary we would like to ensure that customers are able to identify which payment method they used for a payment by including a sumary of the payment method on the invoice .   Ie Something like the following (for a direct debit), 


Transaction Date    Transaction Number    Description                Amount
02/05/2016          P-01111234            Bank Transfer ****1234    -£29.49 


at the moment we can only display the following, which is unhelpful for the customer.


Transaction Date    Transaction Number     Amount
02/05/2016          P-01111234             -£29.49 


(note i am note sure how well these tables will appear in this editor)


The details in the Descripton column are not possible with the Transaction Invoice Table.    It is somewhat possible, but only for credit cards, with the  (deprecated) Payment table with the Payment.CreditCardNumberMasked field.  However Direct Debit (and other payment methods, eg PayPal) do not have a this field or a similar field avaliable.
Ideally we would like a simple and consistent field on the transaction table that has a user friendly summary of the payment method, as we would also like to avoid invoice template logic hell if we need to nest if statements to try and get a useful summary per payment method.
Another option would be to update all the description fields on the payment methods to incude a sumary that is worked out by an external program, however that is costly and does not feel to be the right approach.
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Status changed to: Under Consideration



Thanks for the input. This is a reasonable request. I have added it to our backlog and will discuss with the team when we might be able to support this. Thanks.