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Re: Invoice Proration Credit Separately - Status changed to: Coming Soon

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Invoice Proration Credit Separately

It would be very useful for us to have the ability to choose to have Proration Credits generate on their own invoice.


The reason for this is that when service is being prorated because it is being replaced with a new Rate Plan, the net invoice amount of the new invoice will reflect both the proration credit as well as the new charge. this means that we are unable to apply the credit back to the original invoice and generate a new "clean" invoice. When the new rate plan is greater than the previous one being prorated this requires the customer pay both the original invoice and the new invoice in order to net payment to the new value.


The only workaround at this time is to remove the original rate plan, generate an invoice, then add the new rate plan and then generate a second invoice. The purpose of this feature would be to allow us to process the remove and subsequent add product amendments together and then process a single Bill Run resulting in two seperate invoices; one negative for the proration credit(s), and one positive for the new charge.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon



As part of our credit memo project, proration credits will actually be automatically put into a credit memo object during the bill run. You can then configure the ability either to present the credit on a single invoice document or as a separate credit memo document. Thanks.