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Re: Invoice PDF: CreditMemoApplication.AppliedAmount should be an available merge field

Invoice PDF: CreditMemoApplication.AppliedAmount should be an available merge field

Request: Add CreditMemoApplication.AppliedAmount as an available merge field on the Invoice PDF.


Issue: Zuora invoices can be paid with applied credit memos, however applied credit memos cannont be displayed on the invoice PDF.


Use case: We use credit memos to apply "store credit" to a customrs invoice.  This is a form of payment as it can be applied directly to the Invoice data object to pay the invoice.  However, we have no way of reflecting this credit memo payment on the customer's invoice PDF.



We for one, use transactions to show applied Credit Memos and Debit Memos in our Invoice Template. It looks somewhat like this:


IF Invoice.Total <> Invoice.Balance "" ""

Date, Type, Description, Amount,
«TableStart:Transaction»«Transaction.TransactionDate»«Transaction.TransactionType», Transaction.TransactionNumber», «Transaction.Description»«Transaction.AppliedAmount»«TableEnd:Transaction»

,,,Outstanding Balance «Invoice.Balance.Total»



Sorry about the formatting. It just does not really work here.


We had previously tried the the transaction table, and while it does pull the CreditMemo.AppliedAmount, the transaction table is very limited in its description of a payment and does not include the CreditCardNumberMasked, which is a requirement on the invoice.


We are using the Payment table to display all of the applied payments and their details as this data object includes the CreditCardNumberMasked and CreditCardType.


Credit memos are not included in the Payment object, and we have not been successful creating if statements to target just the credit memo line item returned from the Transaction object.  This is why we are requesting the addition of CreditMemoApplication.AppliedAmount as an available merge field on the Invoice PDF.


Or, the Transaction table could be enhanced to include Payment.CreditCardType and Payment.CreditCardNumberMasked, so that all data exists in a single object.

Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Zuora now supports the ability to display the total amount of the credit memos that are applied to the invoice; this can be done using the merge field Invoice.CreditMemoAmount. This merge field is only available to users of Invoice Settlement. 


For a complete list of merge fields currently supported for invoices, see here: