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Invoice Number Sequence consumed only when the invoice is posted

Invoice Number Sequence consumed only when the invoice is posted

Assign the invoice number only when an invoice is posted to avoid Invoice Number Sequence Gap when creating or cancelling a draft invoice. The idea here is to apply the invoice number only when the invoice is posted, for the non-posted invoices we could have a temporary invoice number with another sequence. This should be core feature.



Ex: For the 11th Invoice draft created would have invoice number : TMP00000011 when posted invoice number applied would be INV00000006 as this invoice is the 6th invoice posted.

Zuora Alumni

Totallty agree Najwa, we need this in core. Thanks for submitting.

Zuora Staff

Critical for the Customer and its Financial department

Zuora Staff

Legal requirement, no brainer

Zuora Staff

Critical for EMEA 

Zuora Staff

Definitely a real need!

Zuora Staff

Must have as a core functionality, must become compliant with European fiscal regulation  

New Student

It' a legal need for all european countries, why should we pay an extra for this

Newly Enrolled

perfectly agree


In US our Auditors request this as well.  We have to document every number missing.

Savvy Scholar

Agreed, a real need, it should be core and included in the subscription pricing. Thanks for submitting!