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Invoice Number Sequence consumed only when the invoice is posted

Assign the invoice number only when an invoice is posted to avoid Invoice Number Sequence Gap when creating or cancelling a draft invoice. The idea here is to apply the invoice number only when the invoice is posted, for the non-posted invoices we could have a temporary invoice number with another sequence. This should be core feature.



Ex: For the 11th Invoice draft created would have invoice number : TMP00000011 when posted invoice number applied would be INV00000006 as this invoice is the 6th invoice posted.


We need this for our audit/controls as well.  We have a large bill run that takes over 5 hours to complete and always have failed subscriptions that consume invoice numbers.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon

We're implementing new capability in the billing engine to handle gapless sequencing more effectively. This is the way billing document numbers will be assigned.

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I just tested this in sandbox and it is not as effective as I thought .... it can't manage the invoice numbers and the credit memo numbers as Connect Invoice Numbering does it... so in the end we are stuck using the add-on instead of the out-of-the-box solution. It's a shame, this could have made a real difference for us.