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Individual invoice posting for split invoices

Individual invoice posting for split invoices

We have a deal, to be split invoicing for 30/20/20/20/10%

but when we split the invoice, it posts all 5 invoices.  We only want to post the first one (as it's due upons contract signature) and leave the other ones as draft - so that as we pass the milestone and/or get the cusotmer acceptance we can then post those invoices. 


right now if we split it and post it.  we dont' have a check & balance in place to ensure the other inovices do not go out until the customer accepts the milestone.  And also - we may need to push the invoice date out if the project is delayed or not. 

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Savvy Scholar

This would be very helpful for us as well, any luck with this @skennedy or response on another Support channel?