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Improve the handling of refunds stuck in processing

Improve the handling of refunds stuck in processing

Occasionally you get the following error when processing a refund (happens with PayPal) : “The refund was submitted to the gateway, but we could not determine whether it has been processed. To avoid potentially double-refunding the customer, please check with your gateway provider or merchant bank to see whether the refund went through before resubmitting the refund.”


This makes the refund stuck in processing and then one needs to perform actions documented here:




This does not seem to me like a proper solution and more of a hack. There must be a more user-friendly way than opening two tabs, getting an ID from a link on a button and going to custom address to make the refund go through.


At bare minimum, the refund ID should be visible on the record and at very best this issue should not happen and if it does, Zuora should be able to process it.