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Improve Browser Support for 27% of Desktop Users (Safari, IE, Edge)

Currently, Zuora does not 'officially' support 27% of desktop browser usage in the US (stats here). While we can be perscriptive about browser use for our internal Zuora users, this is a fairly major concern implementing Payment Pages. It's not practical for us to A) hope customers can use the Payment Page despite their browser being unsupported, or B) require customers who can use our product just fine to switch browers to pay us. 


Since Safari (9%), IE (11%), and Edge (7%) collectively make up 27% of browser use, Zuora should prioritize including these browers in their support policy.  


New Student

This would be great to have. I hope this can be available as soon as possible. WE NEED THIS! Smiley Happy

Newly Enrolled

As someone who EXCLUSIVELY uses safari, I am dissappointed that I can not use the exquisite service that is Zuora without bowing down to our Google overlords.

Zuora Staff

You can use Firefox as well as an alternative to Chrome.

Zuora Engineering
Status changed to: New Idea

It needs the product team to evaluate it if supports IE/Edge. acually the Safari should be supported even though no offical dioc annouce it.

Recently i had came across 2 customers using Microsoft Edge as thier browser and especially notification email template/email body was not showing and it was blank. I would vote for supporting Edge browser