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Idea of New discount model: Rounding Down Model

Idea of New discount model: Rounding Down Model

Currently, Zuora's Discount Charge Models has two models:


  • Discount-Fixed Amount
  • Discount-Percentage


I propose a new Discount Charge Model, so to speak, "Rounding Down Model".

This is the Discount Model for devaluing fee, for example, in units of 100 yen:


Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
-> Discount: 76 yen
--> Total: 9,800 yen


Charge Amount: 54,321 yen
-> Discount: 21 yen
--> Total: 54,300 yen


It is not necessary to be in 100 yen units, and it is even better if I can freely select 10 yen units or 1,000 yen units, etc:


Discount Down Units: 10 yen
Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
-> Discount: 6 yen
--> Total: 9,870 yen


Discount Down Units: 1,000 yen
Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
-> Discount: 876 yen
--> Total: 9,000 yen


Such discounts are common in Japan. I think that it should exist even in areas other than Japan.
I guess that it is helping to make "money-saving feeling" (Virtually the price does not change greatly!)


Further details 1)
  You might think that "In the first place, Amount of Product Rate Plan Charge should be set to 100 yen unit".
  That is true indeed. However, with this Discount Model, even when Proration occurs, Amount can be arranged in units of 100 yen.


Further details 2)
  Currently, there is a mechanism of Discount Class, so this can be combined with existing Discount.
  That is, when doing 10% discount...


  method1) Discount on Percentage after Rounding Down
  Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
  -> Rounding Down Discount: 76 yen --> 9,800 yen
  ---> Percentage Discount: 980 yen ----> Total: 8,820 yen


  method2) Rounding Down after Discount on Percentage
  Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
  -> Percentage Discount: 987.6 yen --> 8888.4 yen
  ---> Rounding Down Discount: 88.4 yen ----> Total: 8800 yen


Further details 3)
  I thought that I could do Rounding Down Discount by using the setting of Currency.
  That is, I tried to set the Rounding Mode to Down, with Rounding Increment set to 100 yen.
  setting of Currency; https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/Billing_Settings/Customize_Currencies


  But I noticed two mistakes and gave up this:


  mistake 1)
  Because it is set to Currency, the calculation of ALL Charge Amounts of that tenant will be devalued in units of 100 yen.
  ... My customers did not want this. They wanted to deal with both services that apply this discount and that do not apply this.


  mistake 2)
  Because of the reason mistake 1), tax calculation also are devalued in units of 100 yen.
  ... My customers did not want this either.


Further details 4)
  I called this Discount "Rounding Down Model".
  However, I think that it is better to choose the Rounding Mode. "Down" as well as "Half Up" and "Up".


  Discount Down Units: 1,00 yen
  Rounding Mode: Half Up
  Charge Amount: 9,876 yen
  -> Discount: -24 yen
  --> Total: 10,000yen


  I know that minus Discount should not be called "Discount".
  However, I think that it is not necessary to have only Down in the method of rounding.