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Re: How can I check if a credit card has been used before= - Status changed to: Under Consideration

How can I check if a credit card has been used before=

Merchants want the ability to check if a credit card already exists in the system. 


An API that results in a true/false will give the merchant the abilty to decide a course of action.

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Can you clarify with an example of customer experience flow and what courses of action might be taken?


For my group, the initial use case would not be for the customer's sake, but rather for ours. Some of our customers create multiple trial accounts and then flood our system with requests, before eventually churning out due to non-payment. While we have taken other measures already to combat this, being able to locate repeat-offending credit cards and block them at the sign-up level would be helpful.


As a rarer use case, we occasionally have customers who sign up for two or more accounts accidentally, due to forgetting which email address they originally used as their account identifier. With this sort of check in place, we would be able to warn customers before they purchase a new subscription that they have another account under the same credit card that may also be active. This would prevent costly refunds in the future, once the customer realizes they are being double-billed.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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We're considering a "fingerprint" which would be a hash value representing the underlying card that would stay consistent if added multiple times in an environment.