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Re: HPM Suggestion - autocomplete="off"

HPM Suggestion - autocomplete="off"

iOS8 has a feature to remember credit cards.  This is useful for consumers.  However, we also use the hosted payment pages in some tools used by our sales folks.  We do not want the iOS8 to remember the cards in that case because it would remember cards of our customers!

Setting the html attribute of autocomplete="off" on the form and/or input tag will turn off this feature.  There is no way to do this via CSS.


So my request is to add an option to support this attribute in the HPM UI.



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Good idea! We'll consider it for a future enhancement.

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This feature has also been requested by Stanley Security whose sales teams use a custom web sales team which included HPM.  From one customer to the next their browser remembers and auto-populates credit card numbers.  They say this is a PCI issue for them and need a way to suppress the CC auto completion in the HPM form.