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Grouped Invoice Items in Invoice Preview

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Grouped Invoice Items in Invoice Preview



I tried your technical support team, and was told that this feature is not supported. So, they suggested me to submit idea to create this feature.


Basically, we tried Zuora Soap API and Rest API to generate Invoice Preview, and the Invoice Items are always returned as 1 huge big list. For exmaple, if I preview for 3 months of a montly subscription, I get back 1 list of Invoice Items for all 3 months. Then, I have to somehow figure out a rule to seperate them into 3 groups, and display properly for my client. It's not an easy job. I could never figure out your full rule to group these Invoice Items to be the same as what Zuora shows on Zuora web UI. It's a big frustration for both our development team and our clients who rely on us.


Would you please return grouped Invoice Items?



These are 3 APIs I tried. Please take a look at their returned InvoiceItems. It's really hard to use these data.