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Re: Extend the functionality of the "Hosted Domain" setting on Payment Pages or allow to turn it off - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Extend the functionality of the "Hosted Domain" setting on Payment Pages or allow to turn it off



We have a problem with the "Hosted Domain" required field on the Hosted Payment Page configuration page. This limits the payment page to only one domain, which poses increasing developer overhead for us, because we have multiple different test environments, which should share the same Payment Page. Instead we have to create a new payment page for every new test domain we want to use.


This does not scale, as we have to update an increasing number of payment pages every time we want to roll out a change to the styling or other functionality of the page that needs to be changed through the Hosted Pages settings.


This is also preventing us from using developer workflows like Heroku's Review Apps, which spins a new instance of our application on a custom subdomain for each new feature we're developing.


Thus we'd like to request for the "Hosted Domain" configuration field to be upgraded to support adding wildcards and multiple domains, or even turn off that check entirely. This would greatly help us in our Zuora developer and testing workflows.


Thank you


 Does anyone know if progress has been made on this? - Adding wildcard functionality to the hosted domain field on hostes pages.


We have hit the same issue with our developers testing our integration with Payment Pages. The problem multiplies if you have multiple payment pages you need to test (I.e. Credit + ACH). We have to have copies for Prod, Stage, QA, and various local testing sites. Minimally providing a comma separated list of hosted domains would help, but I also like the original suggestion of enabling wildcards so that anything at *.mydomain.com would be valid.

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We also have a very strong business need for wildcard matching on the payment page "hosted domain" field, as we are rendering the payment page on customer-specific subdomains, so creating a separate page in zuora for each is completely unrealistic. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi All,


We're investigating the possibility of adding this capability. No ETA or commitment as of yet, but this seems like a very useful enhancement. Thanks. 



We also run into that limitation since all of our customers have their own subdomain. It would be greatly beneficial to support at least a wildcard approach for the Hosted domain.




thank you


P.-S. Something as simple as passing the callback URL as part of the parameters to load the iframe would work.

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We too are in the same position, where each customer operates from their own subdomained url (*.dm.networkforgood.com). Since we have more than 2000+ subdomains, setting up a page for each is not workable. 


Can you let us know whether you will implement this, and if so, when? Otherwise, we will have to find a different way to implement collecting payment methods from our customers. 

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Another echo here. Having a hard-coded domain on this page makes it almost impossible to test properly.


Please fix!


Another vote here. Having one domain makes it difficult to manage the payment form when it will be used for multiple sites. It will be better to have a list of white-listed domains so that we can have one form to manage for multiple sites.


Please add this functionality.

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Please add this functionality. It will be very usefull for us also.