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Re: Enhance Gateway Reconciliation Timing - Status changed to: Under Consideration

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Enhance Gateway Reconciliation Timing

I learned today that there is a 7-day delay in applying reconciliation items from the processor to payment and refund objects (for PayPal at least). This delay timing is hard-coded. My business stakeholders typically want to reconcile every day or two. To be 7 days behind by design rendsers the feature practically unusable.


Now, I have only worked with two processors, CPT and PayPal, but it seems a specific delay in processing this data is unnecessary. My experience is that processors post this type of data on a daily basis and can be picked up and injested without a Zuora-induced delay. 


I would like to see Gateway Reconciliation process these data on a daily basis as the data is made available by the processors. 


If my perception is naive and a specific delay is needed in some cases, then make the delay configurable at the Payment Gateway level.

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Our reconciliation jobs run daily. Can you provide more detail on what data you're hoping is available sooner? For settlement data, it could be a function of the time it takes for funds to post to your accounts.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration