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Electronic Payment Method - Display Format

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Electronic Payment Method - Display Format

Hi team,


Hope you are well. Firstly, our tenant id is 4418.


Can the card log under "Electronic Payment Methods" be made into a collapsible section that defaults to displaying 3 most recent card used? Lets use the below account as an example:https://www.zuora.com/apps/CustomerAccount.do?method=view&id=2c92a0fd5368866001538232a7860c99. You ll see the card history just drags on to 3 pages longs, and I find that not very viewer friendly.


I have written up some use cases but cant find the attachement button. Dennis Liu from your support was previously helping me on a support ticket for the same issue, so he should have a copy of the file.


Please let me know if theres any issues.


thanks team

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Hi @sunyu,


I have attached the use case description file to this RFE. Our product manager team will review and response to the post. Thank you!