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Dynamic field validation - Zuora hosted payment form

I've been working on some improvements to my Company's payment capture forms and we use the existing Zuora hosted forms for credit/debit card capture. 

The form will validate a Customer's credit card details and raise an error message if the details are invalid. This, however, only happens once the Customer has submit the entire form. That in itself is not too bad, but if the Customer returns to correct the card to a valid number, the message remains until they submit the form again. I would like to see the form operate in a more dynamic way and validate the details once the Customer has re-entered the details. 

This was raised as a support ticket and I have been advised that this is behaving as designed, and therefore I should post it to this forum for future consideration. My support ticket reference is 131509 - please refer to that for full details

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We would appreciate this feature a lot too.