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Re: Display the custom fields of Product to Invoice Item - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Display the custom fields of Product to Invoice Item



Our many customer require to display custom fields of Product catalog to the Invoice.

Generally, We display Product information to the Invoice in Japan.

We add some custome fields to Product catalog. i.e. JAN code, Internal product code, etc.

Please examine custom fields of Product catalog to display on Invoice.


Best regards,

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration



Thanks for the input. This is a reasonable enhancement request. I will discuss this with the engineering team and see how we might be able to get this into the backlog. Thanks.

Zuora Alumni

Hi Nick,


Any Updates to this idea? I would also like Subscription custom fields to be included. (It would be nice to include all related tables in general, such as InvoiceItem.Product.Name, InvoiceItem.Subscription.Notes, InvoiceItem.ProductRatePlan.Description, etc)


@Jeffrey unless you have a single charge on your subscriptions, having something like InvoiceItem.Subscription.X is generally going to result in a lot of duplicated values. (Though i do see a few use cases for it) It is, however, currently possible to show the Subscription details in their own table by using the "TableStart:Subscription" table and then you can access any fields from the Subscription object.