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Re: Cybersource - pass through invoice information

Cybersource - pass through invoice information

Your supported integration of Cybersource only allows the transfer of limited fields.  Our customers have been requesting that invoice numbers associated with credit card payments be listed on their credit card statements.  Unfortunately, invoice number is not a field that is passed on to Cybersource so we are unable to do anything about that.  This causes a great deal of frustration for our customers.  Please re-evaluate the fields you send to Cybersource as the limited fields clearly need to be expanded to include invoice numbers to best serve our customers.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi - we really need to have this abilty as well.  


Is there any upate on this?  Will it be implemented?

Zuora Staff

We have this request from more customers.  Given that a payment can be for one or more invoices, it would be useful to be able to send all invoice numbers for a payment request to any gateway.

This request is similar to the Idea to see the invoice number sent to paypal.  https://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payment-Ideas/Pass-invoice-and-payment-number-to-PayPal/idi-p...