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Customize Invoice PDF naming convention

Feature Request: Customize Invoice PDF naming convention

Reference Number: DE5225

Business Need: Invoice PDF document names are created by Zuora according to its naming convention. Some customers are asking the ability to customize the naming convention of invoice PDF.

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When will this feature available?
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It's not clear what you mean exactly by naming convention. However, we are currently developing the ability to configure the invoice prefix and start number. This will provide flexibility and configurability around invoice numbering. Please comment with some additional information if this is not what you mean by "naming convention". Thanks.

Zuora Staff

Hi Nick,


I had a customer ask the same question. When we click on the invoice PDF from the tenant invoice page, it opens up with the name on top as, Invoice #Account#Date.pdf

They would like to change the name here to just invoice#, or by account name. I attached a sample invoice where the change is wanted.


Let me know if you need anything else.


Thank you,

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Hi, we would like to name the invoice pdf from currently "<InvoiceNumber>.pdf" to something like "text_<InvoiceDate>_text_<InvoiceNumber>.pdf