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Currency Symbol Override

Current functionality with Invoice Templates is that if we want to display a Currency Symbol other than $ we need to maintain a separate Invoice Template with custom number formatting. How do I change the currency symbol?


It would be great if there were a Currency Symbol Override option within the Billing Settings for "Customize Currencies" where we could set the Symbol we want to appear for a given currency. This would allow us to have a significantly reduced number of Invoice Templates and would be a huge time saver when it comes to modifying out templates to include new functionality.



@bsanders you may be interested in my other post here: http://community.zuora.com/t5/Subscription-Management/Invoice-and-Quote-Template-Currency-Formatting... where i outline a current solution to this using a single template.


I still like the idea of being able to specify the symbol natively within Zuora so I am also voting for this feature, but my post can get you some results until that is added.

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@feisley Thats a great write up! I would have to experement with it for functionality and performance, but if i can get it to work that would be a big help for us since we invoice in over 15 currencies


@bsanders We currently invoice in 4 currencies so not quite as many, but the solution i provided should scale in pretty much constant time regardless of the number of currencies supported. Since the symbol gets initialized as a variable (aka bookmark in word template speak) its just merged in to all the fields. So you would simply expand your top level if statement to include all 15 supported currencies... IF USD, $ IF GBP, £, etc, etc


But yea dealing with multiple templates was not something we wanted to do so we have done everything in our power to have one and only one template globally and the same goes for quote templates... one to rule them all Smiley Very Happy

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This is a good idea. We'll consider an enhancement for this. Thanks.



@nharlow my suggestion here would be another column/attribute on the customize currencies page for "Currency Symbol". This would then be used on merge templates. Customers that want the ISO code could specify the symbol field as "USD", "GBP", etc.  and those that want the symbolic versions could use $, £, etc.


Screenshot 2016-05-25 15.18.11.png

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That's the approach we are currently considering. Thanks!


@nharlow awesome. My main point there was to not assume the "symbol" field should be a single character/symbol but allow it to be "normal text" so if they want $, USD, or US $ then it has the flexibility for these approaches. In the meantime, our template formatting mechanism has been working pretty well so far until this can be done natively ;-)

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Hi @nharlow, is there any update as to the feasability of this being included in a release?