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Re: Credit memos - Status changed to: Implemented

Credit memos

In french accounting rules, there is many rules but 2 of them put your french client in a difficult situation today. 
1/ Any accounting document (invoices, credit memo, estimates, ...) can‰Û¡ÌÝå»t be deleted. Ever. 
2/ The amount of an invoice can‰Û¡ÌÝå»t be modified once created. It means that you can‰Û¡ÌÝå»t just add a line ‰Û¡ÌÝÌ minus‰Û¡ÌÝå on invoice. It would be way too easy for french administration!

What need to be done is the following:
1/ A new document ‰Û¡ÌÝÌÕ totally different from the invoice ‰Û¡ÌÝÌÕ has to be created : a Credit Memo. Those Credit Memos need to have sequential numbers but different from the Invoice sequential number.

2/ Then this credit memo will be linked to the invoice and the balance due from this client will be Invoice less Credit memo.

If Zuora wants to deal with invoices in France, you have to deal with the french legal laws, meaning create Credit memos, with a sequential numbers, independent from the invoice numbers, we need to be able to provide those credit memos to the clients as a distinct printable document.

I know this is totally insane, and I imagine this is a huge modification for you, but I don't think you can continue this way if you sell to french company.
You have to know that we're currently totally outlaw, and we may receive a HUGE fine from the french IRS because of those non existent credit memos.

I'm available should you have any question !

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This is not just an issue for French companies. My company is in the US and our customers routinely request credit memo documents when a credit is issued. Right now, we manually create them an excel. It is really strange that this feature is not available in Zuora.


I know this feature (credit memos) is in progress at Zuora. Also last I heard it had an estimated release of sometime in Q3.

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We need this desperately.  Very confusing for our customers that they would have an invoice dated back in a previous period and then an "adjustment" happens in another period, and we have to send them a revised invoice back in a period that is already closed for everyone.  I hope that credit memos do infact become a reality in the Zuora application.


Hello - will the credit memo release address this issue?  Do we know when the credit memo features release Support spoke to me about will be coming?


We need to enter Credit Memos in Zuora without associating it to a specific invoice in Zuora.  For example EDI non-compliance, this deduction by the customer is not associate with a specific invoice it is a fee for not sending invoice info via EDI.  So far, I have not found a way in Zuora to enter the credit against the customer’s account without the system asking for an associated invoice.  Do you know of a way or can you find out if there is a way to enter a credit against a customer’s account without associating it with an specific invoice? 

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any update on timing of when the credit memo feature will be released?





The function of credit and debit memo are displayed as in Limited Availability on the Zuora knowledge center.

Can you tell us if those functions have been stabilized and work fine including their synchronization to Salesforce?



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Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to create credit and debit memos with the "Invoice Settlement" feature is now available in Limited Availability. If you want access to this feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support. Additionally, Zuora supports the ability to configure credit memo numbering that is independent from invoice numbers.