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Credit Memos referencing invoice custom field

We use Zuora's Enhanced Invoice Numbering app from the connect store. This is to simulate multi-entity (because we can't move to multi-entity due to the significant re-engineering costs).


So, if we enable the Credit Memo functionality, when we generate the credit memo doc, the line item that's associated to the invoice refers to the Invoice.InvoiceNumber of the associated invoice. Well the Invoice.InvoiceNumber isn't the actual invoice number because we're using the Invoice Numnbering app, instead the invoice number is Invoice.Invoice_Sequence_Number__c, so we need the credit memo line item to reference this field instead of Invoice.InvoiceNumber in order to generate a tax (hmrc and european) compliant credit memo.


When will Zuora support the ability for us to reference an Invoice custom field in the credit memo template so we can generate legal credit memos for customers who are forced to use the Invoice Numbering app?