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Re: Credit Card vs Debit Card

Credit Card vs Debit Card

When a potential member signs up on our website or our sales team inputs card information (both via HPM pages), our compliance team uses the credit card type during the approval process. Credit Cards are viewed as more reliable than Debit Cards. We have an API call to Zuora that allows the Payment Method info (last 4, address, name, etc.) to be viewed in Salesforce. We would also like to display if it is a Credit Card or Debit Card.


The issue we are facing: HPMs will always store the card as type = "CreditCard". When we go to our payment gateway, only then do we see whether it is a Debit Card or Credit Card. We would like Zuora to either store this information or get this information from the gateway.

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We'd love to be able to see this as well. Even knowing if a card is a debit card versus a credit card will give us a clear idea on when to retry declined payments for renewals.