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Create refund entry of a charged back payment in case of amount mismatch

Create refund entry of a charged back payment in case of amount mismatch

In multiple cases chargeback amout differs from the initial payment amount due to currency conversion. 

At the moment only chargebacks where chargeback amount equals payment amount are processed, meaning that all chargebacks affected by currency conversion are not reflected in Zuora. 

This limitation leads to some chargebacks being missed and incorrent handling of a customer acount due to incomplete information. 

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Support SME

Hi Yuliya,

Thank you very much for working together with us in the support ticket!

Let me share the proposal you shared with us here as well:


When the GR job failed to create external refunds for different reasons, if you'd like to get a scheduled report about what are the records failed with certain filter added. You could use our Scheduled Reporting to achieve that.


e.g. for this case, if you'd like to get scheduled reporting on the GR records failed because of the "Amount Conflict" error.  


You could:

1) Go to Reporting, click "Create New Report"
2) Type "Gateway Reconciliation Log" in the search field and click the one in the search result
3) Click "Detail" to make the report to be a detail report(a detail report will list all the records without combining), drag the fields need to be added into the "Selected Fields"
4) Add a filter to filter out the records you'd like to query.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.57.11 PM.png







5) Save the report with a name and click the little arrow next to "Save Report & Run" then click "Schedule"

6) Configure how you'd like the report to be scheduled and which emails you'd like the result to be sent to

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.59.40 PM.png

(it is recommended to use "Compressed CSV file of Report Results" to avoid report failed to be sent because of large size)