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Re: Create Order Receipt Template

Create Order Receipt Template

Invoice templates are supported but order receipts (following payment) are not. Would like to have Receipt templates that would go out to our clients following processing of their payment. Currently, Zuora enables users to send out an email (with payment message) to its clients with the invoice as an attachment. However, I would like to be able to send out a pdf receipt (custom made one, of course) instead of the sys generated email.

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This is a must for us as well.  We currently have to manaully create receipts for our clients, which is time consuming counter productive.


Is there any update on this topic? Having this functionality would be nice for us as well.

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Needed as well please!

As well as functionality for us to specify which customer receives which Receipt template.

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This would also be very helpful for our business. Please consider adding this sooner rather than later, as it seems to be a pretty basic feature that wouldn't be too hard to implement.

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Any news on this? A lot of our customers are demanding this!

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My team would also benefit from a receipt template. Our customers often get confused by the invoice with a "0.00" balance being sent with payment confirmation. We often get emails thinking they are receiving a duplicate invoice and some customers even enter the invoices in their systems as credits!