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Create Callout for New Payment Method Added



Please create a standard callout for new payment method added. Currently, there is a callout only for payment method updated. I understand that it may be possible to create our own custom notifcations/callouts Ideally, we wouldn't be required to do this. Here is the use case:


We have built a overdue balance and collections process leveraging Zuora's suspend/resume amendments. Our middleware looks at each account daily and take action against accounts with a balance due greater than $100. We notify the customer via email several times over a 14-day period. If the account still has a balance due of > $100 on the 15th day, we suspend all the subs on the account, notify the customer again, and callout to our products removing access. 
The notifications we send to the customer give them direction on how update their payment method(s). we have enabled the "payment method update" callout and that works fine, for when a customer updates an existing payment method. But if they add a new payment method entirely, we are not able to notify our middleware and therefore unable to collect on the account and resume service.
A callout for payment method added would be perfect. or the ability to create our own custom callouts. (reference above) if the latter, we need to know what condition to use in order to trigger the callout.