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Re: Conditionally Add Attachment to Invoice - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Conditionally Add Attachment to Invoice

Current functionality in Zuora is that anything which we would want to be included with an invoice must be built into a custom invoice template This creates issues because invoice templates which include graphics can become very large and it is impractical to continuously update invoice templates to accommodate.


The business need is to be able to conditionally include attachments to invoices which are generated. ie. For the first invoice on a customer account we would want to attach an invoice rider which has an "Understanding Your Invoice" page, or if we are changing our Remittance Information we would want to include a rider calling out this information. Similarly this could be used to include organizational announcements or marketing messaging.


Having the ability to keep the rider as an invoice attachment rather than embedded in the Invoice Template would simplify both the actual templates as well as the flexibility to include extra information at the time of invoicing.


Ideally this would be a function set at two levels:

1) Initial Account Invoice Riders: From Billing Settings under Invoice Templates an option to include with all first invoices generated from a customer account

2) Ad-hoc Riders: At time of Bill Run we could select an option to include attachement which would be selected from pre-uploaded pdf's

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Status changed to: Under Consideration



I'll think about this for a future release. Thanks!



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It would be great if we can upload files to the invoice's Attachments section and include them as attachments when emailing the invoice to the customer.


One challenge on this I was thinking about is the "conditions". In trying to satisfy all the possible uses for an included document you could find yourself with a lot of added complexity to the Zuora UI to accomodate them all.


One potential option would be to store the "included documents" externally but keep the logic of when and where to show them in the quote template itself.



1. Create a "terms_and_conditions.doc" file and upload it to the Invoice documents section for "included files" giving it the name "terms_and_conditions" or something of your choosing

2. In your main template you use something like { MERGEFIELD "IncludeFile:terms_and_conditions" } which would have the file merged in.

3. You could wrap the Include mergefield in an IF condition to allow very flexible conditions.


The only thing this doesnt solve is the ability to select at bill run time. This is sort of a double edged sword to me: The main benefit of bill runs (at least to our organization) is automating bill runs, so having to have a user manually select an option on the bill run is less beneficial. However, there are occasions where a manual bill run is required and it would be handy to be able to trigger the inclusion of some files.

Perhaps some sort of attribute or flag on the bill run that the template can see an use IF conditions to decide what to show to the user.


It would be great if we can upload files to the invoice's Attachments section and include them as attachments when emailing the invoice to the customer

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We need this as well

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Is there any update on this request? We might also be interested.