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Comments Section on a Posted Invoice

The Collectors should be able to add notes in the invoice level, so when an aging report is generated, we can see the actions done for the past due accounts. I learned from Zoura Global Support that the only way to add notes to the invoice level is when the invoice is in draft status. That purpose is for notes to appear on the invoices for clients to see.


We want to add notes regarding the payment status of the past due invoices which have already been published, posted. This is for collections purpose that we would like to see the collector's comments regarding the payment status of the invoices listed in the aging report These will be internal notes. 


Can we have the comments section available on a posted invoice?


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@cerden we worked around this by creating an "Internal Notes" custom field on the Invoice which allows our team to capture information per invoice. It is limited to 255 chars but we have found this to work well for our needs.