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Billing in advance with the capability of adding users prior to the effective date.

Billing in advance with the capability of adding users prior to the effective date.


This has been tested by Amy Ly from Zuora support and the advanced billing works with the capability to add users on a prior date of the advanced billed period.  The problem is it does not update the user count going forward and the only solution is to create amendments to update the adds each time there would be additonal users orderd prior to the advanced billed date.    


Amy Ly (Zuora Global Support)

Jun 13, 13:28 PDT

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your chat earlier.

We examined this test account subscription on your production environment: A-S00000742

The issue related to the service period dates has to do with how the charges were triggered, the billing day, and when the target date of the generated invoice. To fix this issue, we needed to put the target date to the end of the current term in order to capture back the amount. When looking at the customer invoice, the values total up as expected.

This discussion led to another issue related to subsequent amendments made after the first future-dated amendment is made.

Here is the scenario:

·        Subscription starts 02/01/2016 for units at the $480.00 price (500 users x $480)

·        Update charge for 02/01/2017 moves price to $504 price (still at 500 users at this point) --> renewal has not yet been processed.

·        Customer wants to add 10 users on 05/28/2016

·        Update charge will use Future Dated Amendment future to add this change in so on 05/28/2018 it will be 510 users x $480.00

This portion is working as expected now, this subsequent use case will be problematic:

·        Customer wants to add an additional 4 users on 06/13/2016 --> they start the update product amendment and see this:


·        It is displaying the amendment quantities that takes action furthest in the future but does not account for or show the current existing amount. It's like a snapshot in time of the first update charge amendment.

·        This is problematic for the person administrating the account/subscription because the value is reflective of the actual user count at the moment the amendment is being created.

Current workflow suggestion:

·        At the time you are processing the current term user update, process a second amendment after to update the future-dated amendment.

·        Add 10 users on 05/28/2016 for current term ($480 price) so total user count is 510 users.

·        After that, add another amendment to update the amount from 500 to 510 users for future term ($504 price) so total user count there is also 510.

I will work to engage our Product Management group to see if there are any plans to change the current behavior.

Best, Amy Ly Sr. Associate Global Support Advocate

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Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We'll look into this and consider an enhancement. Thanks!