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Bill usage that starts in a closed billing period

I would like Zuora to support late usage billing. I would like Zuora to bill usage records that are in pending process status with start dates in closed billing periods. An option to either bill it ad hoc, or on usage bill cycle date to show in the next anniversary invoice.

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Agree.  We have usage which is automatically sent to Zuora from our metering system.  Sometimes this usage is sent with a start date that is earlier than the last invoiced date.  As such this usage is always 'pending' and is never invoiced.  It would be good if Zuora has a function to enable invoicing of past 'pending' usage without needing to create a new one off subscription or manipulating the usage start date.  Thanks

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What is the status on this one? Will this be considered or is there a reason why it is like this?

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It is difficult for our company when this is not an opportunity in Zuora. We may risk losing revenue because of the lack of functionality.