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Bill Run Draft Behavior

I ran into a scenario where the invoices for a bill run was unintentioanlly updated and posted. Example,


I created a bill run with a tagret date as of 2/28/17.  Kept the the Bill Run  / Invoices in draft status.  Next I exported the invoices and did a analysis on how much billings was expected for Feb. Keep in mind Bill Run / Invoices are still in "Draft" status.


Then I created a second bill run with a target date as of 3/31/17.  Followed the same steps as previous bill run, export and kept in draft status.  I did noticed that 3/31 bill run included Feb and Mar. Which is fine since Feb never posted.


Lastly, I posted the 2/28 bill run.  After I posted, I noticed the service period invoiced was appended with March billing.  All the invoices in my 2/28 bill run was updated to include Feb and March service billings. If I look into the invoice details it shows that it's assoicated to 2/28 and 3/31 bill run.


This is misleading beause I specified the target date to be as of 2/28/17.  My expectation is that the invoices in the 2/28 bill run should be locked and only show Feb service periods.


I understand this is the how the system was desinged. I learned to never keep two bill runs of the same batch in draft status.  However, can this designed be reviewed for future releases.