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Be able to transfer invoices from cancelled subscription into an active one

I'd like to be able to take invoices that belong to a cancelled suscription and transfer them into an active one so I can then delete the cancelled subscription.


My use case for this is as follows:


I had a customer that changed Rate Plans (from annual payments to quarterly) and I processed this change incorrectly. What I did was cancel their current subscription with the annual rate plan, then created a new subscription with the quarterly rate plan. What I should have done instead is delete the products from the subscription via an amendment, and then add them back in with the new rate plan with another amendment.


What then happened is the customer paid an invoice on the "new" subscription. Now that there's a paid invoice on the subscription, there is no way to delete this subscription and fix the data entry mistake I made.


As a result, the cancelled subscription appears in my reporting as churn, and the active subscription as a new sale, neither of which is correct. My reports are now permanently incorrect, which is a serious limitation to your product as having incorrect reporting is obviously a huge hindrance.


I'd like to suggest some method of being able to correct these kinds of mistakes rather than be permanently stuck with them, as having accurate reporting is essential.